Fans tackle Kizz Daniel on twitter over late arrival to his concert in the US


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Fans took to Twitter to call out the “Buga” hit singer, Kizz Daniel, for turning up to his concert in Washington four hours late.

Several other fans came out to express great disappointment and are of the opinion that such disrespectful behavior is why the singer seems to be stagnated in his career as a musician.

Fans felt awfully disrespected and were even captured yelling “Refund” while the star was on stage.

Some attendees say cups and drinks were also thrown at the stage by angry fans.

They say the show was rushed and disappointing. And even the concert organizers tried to shut them down when their time had run out.

This event is one out of many where people are upset and calling out Nigerian artists for disrespecting their fans by keeping them waiting.

The call on Nigerian performers to improve their stagecraft and keep tardiness to the bare minimum is increasing daily. The international music industry is becoming more receptive to Afrobeats and Nigerian artists are topping the charts internationally, many believe it would be a shame to lose all that momentum due to the bad behavior of our artists.


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