Why Fans Of XXXTentacion Dragged U.S. Rapper Bow Wow


US rapper Bow Wow is feeling the steam from fans of XXXTentacion for seemingly stealing the late rapper’s style.


On Saturday September 12, the rapper-reality show participant posted a snippet of a new song titled “Bad Vibes” with his Twitter followers . The video for the clip included the broken heart logo that the late rapper used during his career and even had a tattoo of it on his face.


“Skeletons in my closet, yea I walk with that/I’m 4-5 with the comeback, I ain’t lost a step,” Bow raps on the track. “Now they wanna cancel me/I Harlem Shake that bullshit off, come dance with me/All the money in the world can’t buy a piece of mind/Niggas pocket watching with they hands in mind/Having bad days know Uncle Snoop gon’ hit my line/Just to check up on his nephew and make sure he fine/Real love, dawg, that’s hard to find these days/That’s why I stay to myself ’cause that’s the safest place.”

“Bow Wow with the braids is back 🔥,” he wrote as the caption.

However, fans of the late rapper  who came across it were quick to pin point the similarities between the song title and XXX’s posthumous LP, Bad Vibes Forever. They also recognised the artwork for the song being the same as X’s broken heart logo.

XXX’s longtime friend DJ Scheme was quick to call out Bow Wow, retweeting his post along with the message, “Delete this lil bro trust.”

It didn’t take long before X’s legion of fans chimed in. “He sooo trash he needs to stop making music and now he’s biting x damn homie really fell off hard,” one person posted on Twitter.

“Yeah, it might be too late bow has fucked up,” another X fan added. “Like, is he drunk… What would make his ass think this is okay. It’s not!!! This kid is on the list of other disrespectful humans toward. @xxxtentacion.”





The rapper, with real name Shad Moss, ended up taking the post off his timeline, but it didn’t stop XXX’s fans from taking swipes at him. They carried the trolling to the comments section on his Instagram page. “Sad thing is your stealing a rappers logo tryna make it yours you fall off,” an IG user commented on a totally unrelated video.

“Why are you tryna get clout off of the dead we all know your career is dead,” said another user in the comment section.

Bow Wow, who probably was trying to pay homage, has yet to make a statement on the situation on social media. See more of the trolling from X’s fans below.








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