Father Of Triplets Runs, Upon Discovering About Their Birth


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Ugomma Edobor, mother of two, who was recently delivered of a set of triplets, has been surviving on gifts received as she begs for alms.

She had resorted to begging for alms when her husband, upon learning of the babies’ birth, refused to return home.

Ugomma, is an indigent of Abia State who resides in Uromi, Esan North-East Local Government Area of Edo State, she alleges that her husband, 44-year-old Paul Edobor, abandoned her after she was delivered of a set of triplets.

Paul, a commercial motorcycle operator, apparently ran from their home when she had the three identical baby girls.

She reports he has not responded to her phone calls. They had been married for 12 years.

The husband had lamented about his inability to take care of the triplets, as it was already hard for him to take care of their two older children.

“My husband ran away because he could not take care of the babies. My husband was aware that I was going to the hospital for the antenatal treatment.

“But I put to bed at home. He left me when I was in labour. After I had the babies, I put a call to him, but he refused to pick my calls.”

She has since been living on alms from kind neighbours.

She appealed to her husband to return home, adding that she had forgiven him.

“All this time while he was away, people have been the ones helping me to the extent of buying me baby things. I have been going to the market and churches with the babies to beg for alms.

“Wherever I go, people thanked God for giving me these babies. I want my husband to come back to me. I have forgiven him. We were married in the traditional way; therefore, there is no going back.”

She, however, called for the intervention of the state government.

She added, “I want the government and every good-spirited individuals to come to my assistance to enable me take care of my babies.”

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