Fayose, Aluko in War of Words


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The Former Secretary of the Ekiti State Chapter of The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Tope Aluko has thrown jibes at the Governor of the state describing him as a man running from his own shadows, adding that his day of reckoning is at hand.

Mr. Aluko also played down the Governor and Lawmakers’ ‘bogus’ claims about the DSS operatives arrest adding that it was nothing new as he had stayed 12 days in the SSS custody, 5 days with the police and 5 days with the EFCC.

In reply to this, The Ekiti State Governor’s Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka described Aluko as nothing but a present day Judas with the purpose of soiling and betraying his master. He added that; “The man is a grade A scammer who is living large on the millions he is making from his present anti-Fayose agenda.”

Following the reply by the Ekiti State Governor through his Aide on Public Communication and New Media, Aluko replied in his defence saying; “the APC has been writing petition against me on what I said on Channels Television, and it came as a rude shock to me when the government (Ekiti state government) said that I’m Judas, they are the Judas anyway, because they betrayed me. I am still a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party. It is APC that is petitioning me over this issue I trashed out on channels television recently.

“They petitioned me, and I have stayed 12 days with SSS, five days with police and five days with the the EFCC . So I’m actually on bail from these security operatives.”

Insisting on his membership to the state chapter of the PDP, Aluko added that; “The security operatives invited me and I went, they did not maltreat me and I don’t know if they would still charge me to court, but I’m actually on bail from the security agencies and my mind is free. I don’t know if they will still invite me tomorrow. I have said all I have to say on Channels Television and my mind is free. I’m not afraid if any agency invites me I will go.”

Olayinka, the State Governor’s Media Aide maintained that “Aluko and his like can continue to run from pillar to post, all their efforts will come to nought and like the Biblical Judas, we will all live to see how those treating him like their man Friday now will dump him.”

He further added that it was rather hilarious that Aluko could still claim being a member of the state’s Political party, PDP, when the party had made it clear it doesn’t want him, “Can Aluko be member of PDP by force even when PDP has said he is not wanted?” he queried.

“In saner climes, Aluko, who by himself confessed to have committed crime should be in jail by now.

“Finally, Aluko can continue with his journey of political perfidy. He can keep running while enjoying the proceeds of his political 419. But like the Biblical Judas, he can only run, he will be caught by his deeds one day.”

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