Fayose Is Living In A Fool’s Paradise – Northern Group Blasts Governor


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The Chairman of the Northern Alternative Forum, Alhaji Gidado Ibrahim berated Governor Fayose for linking First Lady, Aisha Buhari to the Halliburton scandal.

Alhaji Gidado, while speaking to the newsmen on Friday, June 24, in Abuja, criticized the governor gor his recent conducts.

He said: “For Fayose to link the wife of the president to the corruption trial of Congressman Jefferson or any impostor called Aisha Buhari is a joke taken too far, to say the least.

“But for his lack of education and exposure, a simple search on Google could have revealed to Fayose that the Aisha Buhari in question was not the wife of the president.

“But as you know, even Fayose’s educational qualifications are suspicious, therefore, he cannot act beyond his capacity

“This is a man who became governor through the proceeds of corruption and then went ahead to mismanage the resources of the state to the extent that even diesel cannot be procured to power the generator in Government House.

“Workers are languishing in penury and patients are dying in the hospitals, yet he behaves as if everything is well in his state because he does not see things beyond his nose,” he said.

“I am confident that nemesis will soon catch up with Fayose because he is just living in a fool’s paradise,” he concluded.


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