Female American soldier makes N70m salary in 2022


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A female African American officer in the United States Army has revealed that she made more than $100,000, approximately N70 million, in 2022.

The officer took to TikTok to share a short video showing monthly breakdown of her earnings for the past year.

A perusal of the video shared on her page, @diaryofdom__, showed that the beautiful officer made $8,836,59 in January and the same figure in February.

Her earnings increased marginally to $8,986.35 and $9,182.19 for the months of March and April.

It jumped to $26,725.44 with BRS Continuation Pay, which is a direct cash payout, like a bonus, available to qualified service members.

The other monthly payments are June ($9,182.19), July (&11,458.15 – PCS), August ($9,587.19), September ($9,587.19), October ($9,587.19), November ($9,587.19), and December ($9,587.17).

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I told @LIGHTNING⚡️MEDIC that i would do this so here it goes 😂 Our pay scale is on google for those who would like to pocket check me 😂 #miltok #armyofficer #blackmiltok #army

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