Female graduate earning N25k salary in Nigeria says she’s proud earning N100k from cleaner job in Libya


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A Nigerian lady said she slaved away as a teacher in Nigeria earning a N25,000 monthly salary but all that changed when she headed to Libya for a N100,000 cleaner job.

She made the revelation in a video while faulting a social media user who queried why Nigerian graduates were departing the country to pick up menial jobs abroad.

The lady said she was happy that she made the trip to Libya and was proud of the cleaner job she got.

“To hell with the certificate that can’t serve its purpose,” the well-spoken lady said.

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The lady, who did not state her name, said she worked as an English teacher in a school in Nigeria.

“I got paid N25,000 because I was (teaching) a general subject.

“As a matter of fact, I had to teach from JSS1 to SS3 class.

“Do you know how tiring that is? All because of N25,000 salary at the end of the month.

“Do you know how many lesson notes I had to write?

“I’m quite sure you don’t even want to know.”

She said that although the journey to Libya was unplanned, she has been making the best use of her time since she got there.

She said that besides receiving nearly N100,000 salary monthly, she has access to free wi-fi, breakfast, and lunch.

According to her, only a greedy person would complain that these were not enough for a cleaner.


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