PHOTOS: Femi Alabede celebrates Independence Day with Stunning Patriotic Editorial


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Talented photographer, Femi Alabede, has released a photo editorial and a poem in commemoration with Nigerian Independence Day titled “She is Nigeria”

In celebration of all that 1st October represents, Femi, through her pictures which is inspired by the colours of the Nigerian flag; green and white tells the story of Nigeria as a woman contending against all odds through trials and tribulations.

The write-up reads;

Broken pieces of love,
Strength and pain
Bound in history
As far-reaching as the stars
United in culture and traditions
Of seemingly blurred lanes
She is strength
In the dark,
She finds her light
For all the earth to see
She serves her beating heart
To share the message of strength;
Of inner power
She is pain
It makes her invisible
The bullets in her heart,
The knives carved in her back
Still she survives, not by choice
She’s a warrior at heart

Nigeria, she is the love of love
That perches in the soul
Whispering beats like Gypsy tunes
The sweetest of wine
To add a spark to life
Intoxicating the battered hearts of men
Drawing them to tangled moves
Making them one
as she creates a pure magic of undying unity.

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