We can’t all be Spineless Cowards like Osinbajo – FFK to Buhari


Former Aviation Minister and Political Analyst, Femi Fani-Kayode also known as FFK, has accused President Buhari of trying to cowardize Nigerians like his VP Yemi Osinbajo with the passage of the Anti-social media bill.

On Tuesday, The Herald reported Aliyu Abdullahi, Deputy Senate Chief Whip proposed a bill whereby anyone found guilty of Hate-speech will die by hanging. The proposed bill has passed its first reading at the National Assembly.

However, FFK has reacted to the news by saying it is one of President Buhari’s antics to stifle the media and silence the voice of the masses ahead of the 2023 Presidential elections.

The former Minister of Aviation made this known in a thread of tweets via his verified Twitter handle;

Do not support the so-called #antihatespeechbill. It has one purpose: to silence and intimidate the opposition. If it becomes law it is goodbye forever to free speech and democracy. Even the legislators that support it will be amongst its victims and casualties in the future.

The #Antisocialmediabill is a perverse sham and aberration that seeks to stiffle opposing voices.

@MBuhari wants everyone to be silent and to bow before him.He wants us all to be spineless cowards and quislings like his dogs
@ProfOsinbajoand@FemAdesina. This will NEVER happen!

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They want to hang people for so-called hate speech and they want to regulate social media. These people are worse than Hitler’s Nazis and they seek to establish a totalitarian fascist state. After they silence everyone they will set up Nazi concentration camps for their enemies

ffk-cant-be-cowards-like-osinbajo ffk-cant-be-cowards-like-osinbajo


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