Finnish Police Woman Attempts Suicide After Being Scammed by a Nigerian Fraudster


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A Finnish police woman recently attempted to commit suicide after being duped of cash equivalent to N73.63 million by a Nigerian Fraudster identified as 24 year old Isibor Ehichioya Hillary.

The Finnish woman identified as Raiji had taken the sum as a loan from a bank believing that she was investing in a genuine business venture that would yield profit.

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Upon discovering that she had been scammed she attempted suicide which failed and thereafter petitioned the Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris over the incident.

The petition prompted the IG to launch an investigation which led to the arrest of the Nigerian Fraudster.

The Finnish woman had met Hillary on Facebook who poses as an American Soldier serving in Iraq with the Pseudonym Marco Paulo.

Upon hearing the details of the crime, the Nigerian Police Boss had ordered his his Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Mr. Abba Kyari, to fish out the Nigerian Fraudster.

After his arrest, Hillary confessed to the crime and said;

“The total money I have in my bank account right now after my expenses is N8 million. I am very sorry about the crime I have committed. My Facebook account has been blocked.
“I have defrauded so many white women through my Facebook account, including Raiji from Finland. I took a total of 178,000 euro from her. My own share was 82,000 euro.”

Hillary a civil engineering graduate from Ambrose Ali University, Epkoma was initially based in Turkey where he made his victim pay the sum of 178,000 to an account belonging to an accomplice identified as Biggie, under the guise that the money would be used for a business, which would yield huge profit.

Raiji had sent the money truly believing that she was dealing with a genuine American soldier but waited in vain for the supposed profit from the business venture.

This prompted her to begin to dig into the background of the so called Paulo when she discovered that she had been dealing with a Nigerian pretending to be an American Soldier stationed in Iraq.

Upon his arrest by the Nigerian Police, Hillary confessed further that he used part of his share from the scam to buy Toyota Matrix, a laptop, an Iphone, landed property as well as an apartment; the items had since been recovered from him.

In his words;

I spent two years in Turkey, where I was taught how to carry out internet fraud. My teacher is Mr. Kalu. My specialisation is to provide account for fraudsters across the globe. The first person I provided an account for is Peter. I also do online dating scam. The properties I have acquired from the business are Toyota Corolla 2014 model which I bought for N3.8m, a Toyota Matrix, which I bought for N1.6 million. I also bought a land for N2 million and I rented an apartment for N880,000.”

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