Cheating Fireman Dumped Days Before Wedding Worth N9.5m

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Chloe Whitehead a 24-year-old lady dumped Robert Billings, a 28-year-old fireman, after discovering he was having an affair with a policeman’s wife. This happened just days before their £20,000 (N9.5m) wedding.

The fireman had been secretly meeting up with mother-of-two, Kath Parnell, 48, since last July and even had sex with her in a Morrisons car park in the UK.

A friend of Chloe’s said: ‘Everyone was so shocked.

“Chloe is ­gorgeous and yet he cheated on her with a married mum-of-two who is nearly 50.”

The friend added: “He and Chloe were ready to get married and had spent £20,000 on their big day.”

North Yorkshire PC Christopher Parnell, the husband of Kath had paid a home visit to the fireman, asking to see texts on his phone and leaving him ‘scared and intimidated.’

Consequently, PC Parnell was called before the Police force disciplinary panel on Thursday. Halfway through the misconduct hearing, he resigned, saying the case was “exceptionally difficult” for him and his family.

Despite resigning from the force this morning, Thursday, PC Parnell was dismissed when the hearing resumed this afternoon as panel chairman, Tom Mitchell said based on the evidence he had committed gross misconduct.

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