FIRS Allegedly Disengage Staff Employed by Babatunde Fowler


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Hundreds of Staff members of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) employed during the latter stages of the tenure of its former Chairman, Babatunde Fowler have allegedly been disengaged from service.

According to a report by Punch, the affected staff were asked to remain at home; some for as long as 6 months. Many of them were already working in other organisations before being employed by the FIRS.

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The report further stated that, although they have received their employment letters, the staff were stopped from resuming duties by the Fowler’s successor, Muhammad Nami in December of 2019.

One of the affected persons who spoke to Punch under conditions of anonymity said he resigned from his previous job after he got his employment not letter with the FIRS.

Things have been very difficult for me in the last six months. I was working at a company and I resigned immediately after I received my employment letter from the FIRS. Today, I am stuck. Is the FIRS saying it has not paid contractors and consultants in the last six months because they were engaged by Fowler?” he said.

According to another source, the new Chairman Muhammad Nami was cleaning house and probing appointments made by Fowler shortly before he left.

“I was told that Nami has been probing Fowler and reversing some of his policies. We are professionals and we don’t play politics. The FIRS should address our situation at once or we may have to file a class action.”

Spokesperson for the Agency, Abdullahi Ahmad confirmed the allegations but said he didn’t have a definite number of staff who are affected.

He said the FIRS was investigating the credentials and qualifications of the affected staff and urged them to be patient.

We are aware of the development and as you know, we are also battling challenges. When we came, we met many challenges. We met the process when we arrived. The process is on to verify their certificates.

“We have not abandoned them. Very soon, we will contact them. Those who have been cleared will be contacted. We have nothing against Fowler for God’s sake. It is not because Fowler gave them employment that they have not been attended to.” he said.

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