Five bad habits that destroy relationships Every couple must stop doing now


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Relationships are built overtime with good effort and some work. What makes a relationship to be healthy differs from couple to couple.

Some relationships fail because overtime couples begin to develop some bad habits that gradually reduce their affection for each other.

There are some habits that every couple needs to stop doing  entirely so as to make a happy, healthy and romantic relationship.

Below are some of the habits.

1. Giving Your Partner Your Partial Attention
It is important to give your partner full attention so as to connect together.
Most couples spend many hours away from each other maybe as a result of work, distance, school and other factors but it’s also very important to find time to be together.

Checking email, texting, or watching TV while your partner is in the same room doesn’t constitute quality time together. However, many people have difficulty unplugging and giving their partner their undivided attention long enough to hold a real conversation.

Learn to connect to each other by listening to yourselves as well as having uninterrupted time together holding hands and laughing to mild jokes.

2. Skimping on the Compliments
It is important to always compliment each other. Some people no longer do that because they become so familiar hence no need for compliments.

You can never give too many compliments. However, as a relationship matures, compliments often begin to dwindle.

You both need plenty of encouragement and sweet words. It helps you both navigate each day with confidence.

This also helps to ensure that the attraction is still intact as a simple compliment can go a long way to put smiles on each other’s face.

3. Keeping Score
When having difficulties and challenges, it is best to talk about it and let the erring partner apologise so you both move on happily.

Keeping score and trying to ensure that everything is fair can make couples argue more like siblings.

While you think keeping quiet will save the day, most times it causes a lot of havoc as you end up having a lot on your mind and can sometimes act on it.

Everything doesn’t have to be fair in your romantic relationship. Trying to keep a tally of who has done the most or who has earned something will only damage your relationship.

Focus on giving to your partner rather than worrying about what you’re getting.

4. Not Being a Person of Your Word
Trust is an important factor for a happy relationship. When the trust is lacking every other thing is built on a shaky foundation.

Your partner needs to know you are trustworthy. Make promises that you’ll follow through with.

Don’t say things that you don’t mean and don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.
Building trust, loyalty, and security in the relationship means that your partner needs to know you are a person of your word.


5. Talking More Than Listening
Communication should involve listening more than you speak. However, most people focus more on getting their point across rather than truly trying to understand what their partner has to say.

Focus on listening to your partner and developing an understanding of your partner’s point of view before trying to express your opinion. Listening to your partner can reduce a lot of conflict caused by misunderstandings.

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