Flying Bicycle Makes Successful Test Flight, Remote Controlled Helicopter Follows


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A new invention will let you fly your bicycle and dodge traffic.

The new invention was tested this week, and was successful.

If this concept becomes a reality, then the morning and afternoon traffic jam may be a thing of the past.

Three companies of the Czech Republic have come together to make a prototype of an electric bike that is capable of flying. For now, while in the development stage, the flying bike is controlled by a remote control.

However, its designers hope to have it flying without the remote control device soon.

The mountain bike has two propellers in the front, two in the back and one on each side. The six motors are powered by batteries.

Milan Duchek, the technical director of Duratec Bicycles said that they expect that in the future, the capacity of the batteries would be strong enough for the bike to be used for sports, tourism and similar things.

In another invention, Domino’s Pizza has created a remote control helicopter to deliver its customer orders. The flying machine, called “DomiCopter”, has a warming bag attached to it that keeps the pizza hot while in the sky.

It was invented by the creative agency T + Biscuits, after Domino’s has contracted them to test prototypes. If the idea succeeds, Domino’s, even has said it could launch a helicopter flight academy.

Tom Brewer, who is the founder of T + Biscuits, said that the “DomiCopter” is serious business. He said: “We are showing the world that flying pizzas is a possibility.”

The helicopter can carry up to two large pizzas and claims to be faster than a standard delivery service.

Simon Wallis, who is the sales and marketing director of Domino’s, said: “What better way to completely avoid traffic jams, all this will now make us even faster!”

“We think it’s a good way to reinforce that Domino’s can deliver pizza faster than anyone else in the industry,” he also said. Other names which were suggested for the “DomiCopter” includes “Pepperdroney” and “Flyin’ Hawaiian.”

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