Football fans react as Benzema rejects French president’s World Cup final invitation


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Current Ballon D’Or holder, Karim Benzema has rejected an invitation by French President, Emmanuel Macron, to watch the 2022 World Cup final game against Argentina as a spectator, triggering diverse social media reactions.

Recall that Benzema, who was named in France’s team for the Mundial, flew back home after suffering a thigh injury days before the country’s first game of the tournament.

According to ESPN, he was offered, like the other players injured, the opportunity to join the presidential plane to travel to Doha for the final on Sunday, December 18.

But, alongside Laurent Blanc, Zinedine Zidane, and Michel Platini, he declined the invitation.

The Real Madrid star also took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo with the caption, “I am not interested,” which is believed to be connected to the presidential invitation.

Taking to social media, football fans have been reacting to the player’s stance.

The Herald compiled some of the reactions on Twitter:

@Amb_JacobGreat wrote, “Some of you here don’t even understand Benzema’s plight. He wanted to come back after he got fit, and Deschamps rejected him coming back to the team. Now, Macron is inviting him as a spectator to a team he was supposed to be part (of). It is ridiculous and Karim is right on this.”

@queuenafide wrote, “Karim is France’s best player alongside Kylian. If France reached final with Giroud they’d surely make it even more confidently with Benzema. He has just shown young Mbappe how to refuse the president, football is not about politics.”

@papakeder wrote, “Benzema is just disappointed by the fact that France Could actually win the World cup without him.”

@EssienTruth wrote, “I think Benzema made the right decision in respect to his national teammates.. He wasn’t there at the start, and he doesn’t want to steal the shine away from them at the very end.. Such a selfless player. Ronaldo would have been fighting his way into the team to take the shine.”

@Chrisscore0 wrote, “What a crybaby 💀. The man really expected to just turn up and play in a world cup final.”

@jethro_lykos wrote, “He probably just doesn’t want to (take) any limelight from his teammates as he hasn’t played. Showing a bit of dignity and respect to the lads who played.”

@forever_an_exol wrote, “Good decision legend.”

@Shiromademe wrote, “If Benzema accepted wouldn’t it be disrespectful to Giroud though? They made it here playing with Giroud so why not depend on him for the finals as well.”

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