For eating in together during courtship, Deeper Life Church suspends couple’s wedding

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A Nigerian man on Twitter has narrated how his friend had traveled over the weekend to Bayelsa, only to return with news that the wedding ceremony he went for had been suspended by the couple’s church, The Deeper Life Bible Ministry.

According to the Twitter user, Oladele Dada, the church wedding was slated for Saturday, June 8, and even till Friday morning, every plan was going smoothly.

However, things quickly became awry after the couple got the suspension text while their traditional wedding ceremony was ongoing.

The text read, “Your wedding is suspended. Two of you are placed on discipline”

Oladele further revealed that the chairman of the marriage ceremony was acting on the instruction of the church’s General Overseer in the state and when the chairman urged to reverse the decision by the bride, he refused bluntly and walked away from their presence.

As a result, the bride became devastated. In Oladele’s words, she almost “ran mad.”

Eventually, words got out that the suspension was due to the fact that the couple was seen eating together some weeks before their wedding; an act that is against the church’s doctrines.

See the Twitter thread as posted by Oladele below.

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