Four Female Students Arrested With Used Condoms Filled With Semen


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Four female students of the Uyo City Polytechnic, have been arrested with used condoms filled with semen, by the Akwa Ibom State Police Command.

The four female students identified as Inemesit Edet, Glory Johnson, Magreat Pius and Iniobong Udo of the department of Mass communication, were arrested in a hotel at Ikpa road with a Nylon Bag containing used Gold circle condoms filled with semen.

It was revealed that after sleeping with random men, the girls carry the condoms containing sperm ejaculated by the men in a bid to sell them to aboki’s who buy them at very costly price.

The girls confessed that some prostitutes introduced them into the business and they have been doing it for 3 years now since they started school.

Glory Johnson, one of the girls, said she lures men to sleep with her with a condom, she then sells the used condoms which contain sperm cells to Alhaji’s  for their ritual making and she has been in the business of selling used Condom for about 3years.

Glory revealed that after sleeping with the men, she pulls the condom from them pretending to be caring and do as if she wants to dispose of it, she will then tie it and put in her bag.

She further disclosed that the aboki people that buys the used condoms usually send it to their alhaji in Abuja and Lagos which they use in doing all kinds of Rituals.

However, nemesis reportedly caught up with Grace and her three friends when their neighbor reported to the police about their activities.

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The four suspects are currently detained in police custody and will soon be charged to court to face the wrath of the Law.

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