Four Million Displaced Persons Face Acute Hunger – NGO Warns


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International Forum of Nongovernmental Organisations in Nigeria, INGO has warned that Four million displaced persons are currently facing acute levels of hunger.

The NGO lists health, nutrition, education and psychosocial support of the 1.5 million IDPs displaced within Nigeria as very critical issues the government must urgently address.

In a statement marking World Humanitarian Day, INGO said “The problem is expected to worsen given that majority of internally displaced people were farmers, who did not have the chance to farm during this rainy season, are likely to face famine-like conditions during the dry season with no reserved food stocks.

“Protection remains a major concern, especially for the 800,000 displaced children, many of whom are traumatized by their experiences.”

INGO also commended private individuals, local organisations and humanitarian workers dealing with the crisis in the northeast.

“Their commitment can only bear fruit if the private sector, international organizations, institutional and private donors commit to working with them to address the needs of the affected populations,” INGO added.

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