Four nine-year-old boys take turns raping five-year old school mate


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Four nine-year-old boys reportedly took turns raping a five-year-old pupil at a school in South Africa.

The incident, according to the Sowetan happened in one of the classrooms at Fakukhanya Primary School in Tsakane Ext 5, in Ekurhuleni as he was about to leave school. His mother, 29, claims one of the boys allegedly told him in Zulu, ‘You’ll be my dog’.

The mother of the assaulted boy said she grew suspicious when her son who was supposed to be at home at 2 pm had not returned from school.

“I got worried when he was not at home an hour before and he only arrived at 3.30 pm. I asked what happened and that is when he told me that four boys had pushed him into one of the classrooms where they undressed him and took turns raping him.

“One of the boys told her son that “uzoba yinja yami ye ntombazane [you will be my female dog],” said the mother.

She said she was rebuffed by the school when she reported the incident to the school authorities and was told it was a matter for the police.

However, police told her they could not open a case since the children involved in the assault were younger than 10.

The age of criminal responsibility is 10 years old in South Africa, meaning that children younger than that age cannot be prosecuted or convicted of crimes.

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The mother said the son’s behaviour had changed after the incident and that he had refused to go to school becoming more aggressive.

“He is now very violent among other kids and he totally refused to go to school last week,” she said.

She lamented that she was disappointed at the school for taking the matter lightly, adding that only one parent of the four boys called to apologise for their son’s behaviour.


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