Four ‘Stowaway’ Nigerians Detained In the UK After Threatening Ship Crew


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Four Nigerians who stowed away on a ship bound for the UK in a bid to escape the country were nabbed and arrested by the British police.

The Nigerians had allegedly tried to threaten the ship’s crew to move them closer to the coast so they could disembark

The ship’s operator, Grimaldi Lines, said that the Nigerians were armed with Iron tubes

The ship had departed Nigeria on the 10th of December and the Police were called after threats were issued

A spokesman for the Ship, Paul Kyprianou, spoke to Sky news regarding the incident

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“The vessel was coming from Nigeria and was bound to Tilbury, and those four stowaways were in the cabin, and today they managed to escape from the cabin and they started threatening the crew, requesting the master of the vessel navigating very close to the coast.

“That request was probably because they wanted to jump and reach the British coast.

“The crew reacted and they locked themselves in the bridge of the vessel and so they are safe, we haven’t had any injuries.”

The Essex Police on their part said that they boarded the ship at around 11pm on Friday and took it to the Port of Tilbury

They also reported that the ship was safe and that there had been no injuries


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