Foursquare Pastor Reveals Secret Club Where UNILAG Lecturers Smooch Babes On Campus

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Dr. Boniface Igbenehu, a don in the University of Lagos, Department of Arts, and a head pastor at the local Foursquare Christian Church of God who is at the center of a BBC Africa documentary termed ‘Sex for Grades’ has revealed the dirty secrets of other randy lecturers on campus and a slaughterhouse where female undergraduates are ‘smooched’.

In the Africa Eye documentary presented by Kiki Mordi,  Dr. Boniface is seen smooching an undercover journalist who posed as a 17 year old secondary school student interested in gaining admission to the university.

Shockingly during the documentary, Boniface, also a Foursquare pastor, goes into a prayer session with the ‘teenager’ while massaging his legs against his penis vigorously, his penis appearing to be erect. At the end of the prayer, he embraces the teen and tells her “Welcome to the Kingdom of God.”

Some of the undercover footage, Dr. Boniface, says, “There’s an upper part of the staff club where the lecturers take girls to go and smooch them and romance them. To smooch, touch their breast and feel on them. Its a club, we call it The Cold Room.

Boniface is alleged to have also groped several students. A former student of his said, he fondled her breasts, while he wrote scriptures in preparation for Bible Study.

Some of the former students revealed, “He would tell you to would wants to grope you, sometimes he would want to dry-hump you. He likes to pick on struggling students because he knows that they are very vulnerable and there is nothing they can do.

One of the women spoken to told BBC she attempted to kill herself four times since graduating, alleging she was repeatedly abused by Dr. Boniface.

“I never ever give my concerns but once there was a time he was preparing for Bible study and he was groping me and he was writing down scriptures.”

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Video Credit: BBC Africa

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