Frank Donga Reveals His Educational Qualifications, Talks About His Comedy Skits


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Comic actor, Kunle Idowu known popularly as Frank Donga has in a recent inteview revealed his passion to fight unemployment in Nigeria.

The ‘Wedding Party Actor’ known for his comedy skit disclosed his passion for unemployment while chatting with Saturday Beats.

Speaking during the chat, the actor revealed that he holds a Masters degree and also had a job while he was shooting the comedy skits.

He said: “I have degrees in Agriculture. My first degree was in Animal Science and I have a Master’s degree in Animal Genetics.”

He continued: “The Frank Donga Interview series online about a clumsy young man looking for job in Nigeria became a reality because I am passionate about unemployment.

“The truth is that I was gainfully employed when I started The Interview series online. I have always been passionate about young people who go to school, spend about five or six years, graduate and not have anything to do.

“I am very passionate about unemployment. When I did The Interview series, I was employed but I just wanted young Nigerians to be able to cope during job interviews because in reality, young people actually freak out during job interviews as well as visa application interviews.

“I just did the skits for people to know that they should be relaxed during these interviews.”

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