Fraudster reveals new ATM fraud tactics

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A suspected fraudster has made some intriguing revelations about how he defrauds people through their ATM card details. The 33 years old suspect, Olawale Aderibigbe, while being paraded by police officers in Lagos, admitted that once he gets the security code of an ATM card, he would be able to empty the account completely.

While addressing newsmen during the parade. The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Zubairu Muazu, stated that the suspect belongs to a gang of criminals whose specialty is robbing others of their ATM cards, after which they withdraw all the money therein.

Zubairu said, “The suspect confessed during interrogation that he and his partners had stolen money from many peoples’ accounts through ATM cards, which they stole from people at gunpoint. We are working assiduously to track down other members of the gang and brought them to book.”

Fraudster reveals new ATM fraud tactics

The suspect subsequently confirmed what he was being accused of, saying that as long as the ATM has a security code, he would be able to withdraw all the money in the account attached to it.

He explained, “The security code is what I need. I have the software. If I insert the security code, details of the person would come out and the amount the person has in the account. My colleagues and I have made money through this.”

The suspect remained cold even as he narrated the illegal acts he had been involved in.

He mentioned that he had stepped out to meet up with some other gangs members when he was apprehended by police officers.

Olawale stated, “My friend called me that he had another ATM card. I was going there when police arrested me.”

The Police Commissioner later affirmed that investigations are currently ongoing and the force will make sure that other members of the gang, who have taken to their heels, are brought to book.

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