Free Wifi In Lagos? Why is Swift Pulling Our Legs by Emeka Charles


True story, in the last 2 months I have personally returned two swift devices to the company under their 30 day money back guarantee pledge. This money back guarantee is the only reliable thing about the company.

The internet connection with Swift is slower than Buhari when it is time for him to return from a foreign trip. Snails have run the Access Bank marathon in faster time than it takes for Swift to stream a Youtube page.

So it bewildered my psyche when I learned that the company alleges it will be providing free wifi services to Lagosians through an app and what seems to be dispersed hotspots across the mega city.

It really seems like a tall order for Swift. Consider the fact that I purchased a router device for 32000 that I paid extra for battery and I struggled to get one bar for days on end and only managed to browse at the speed of slow.

Many other Lagosians report having similar issues with Swift as an ISP. These are paying customers that the company has failed to service properly. How then will it be able to do so for free for millions of Lagosians?

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