Freeze Impregnated His Friend’s Wife, A Mother Of 4 – Anonymous Social Media User Makes More Shocking Claims

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The anonymous social media user behind the Andela Smith profiles on Twitter and Instagram has made more shocking claims and revelations regarding the relationship between OAP Freeze and his fiancee, Benedicta Elechi.

Recall that the social media user had some days ago alleged that the OAP was sleeping with married women, snatching wives from their husbands and accused him of impregnating another man’s wife.

The personality behind the Andela Smith took to social media to allege further that the OAP’s fiancee, Benedicta Elechi is OAP Freeze’s best friend’s wife.

The anonymous social media user wrote: “Apparently, Freeze lied to his ‘bae’ about him not being married. And his ‘bae’ lied to him about her being separated. Hmmn! Both parties lying to themselves and a child is born amidst the wave of lies! Una matter don dey court now. #FreeTheSheeple indeed!! You both are sheep! Such shame!

@Daddyfreeze, your response is vague and evasive and does not address the serious allegations against you. If you think you are going to keep the issue out of public view and continue to attack pastors, you are joking. Now that you have referred to the depression in your marriage (a less than smart way to attract public sympathy), all the previous publications on the breakup of your marriage are going to be recalled and carefully analyzed. This is because your answer is so inadequate, I stand by my story that you impregnated your so-called ‘bae’ in her matrimonial home.

Let me fully understand the idea behind your response. You criticize pastors and politicians yet you just emulated the exact behavior of a ‘Nigerian’ politician. I made claims and I dared you to deny them but what did you do? You resulted to insults, using over-flogged words (that you believe sound pleasant in your ears). You want me to reveal myself? So you can abuse my nose too like you did to the kind lady who refused to fall for your slimy antics? I’ll rather remain anonymous.

ARE MY CLAIMS TRUE OR NOT? I dare you to deny them! I heard you said to your equally deluded Sheeple community that you were depressed in your marriage. Lol. You were so depressed that you went around and started sleeping with your friend’s wife. A mother of 4. You even have the guts to flaunt her as your fiancée. Is that the behavior of a depressed man? You say you pledged tithes of 3.9 million to a church. Oh please! If you haven’t noticed, Nigerians are getting wiser every day. If you call out people to be accountable, you also should be accountable.

You call me a coward? Last time I checked, I wasn’t the one who resorted to claiming that my wife beats me and was proud to show marks to bloggers just to leave my marriage. That is an extremely cowardly move!

I warned you to thread softly but you tried to whip up sentiments from your ever gullible #FreeTheSheeple community. More details coming up in my next instagram post! Maybe by then, you’ll realize that I’m not kidding around.

The 1 year birthday of your cute son Jason was celebrated in a low key event on the 2nd week of May 2016 at Rhapsodys Restaurant & Nite Club: 19A, Agoro Odiyan Street, Alibert Building, Victoria Island, Lagos. It was displayed on social media. Let us subtract 1 year from that means that Jason was born on 2nd week of May 2015

Assume you started dating Benedicta (your ‘illegitimate babymama’) in January 2015 (same month you filed for divorce from your wife which is still ongoing), then your child came 5months after you started dating Benedicta. I am ready to hire the best experts to confirm the scientific feasibility of this feat even if the child was premature. Your wife packed out of your house mid 2014 when she issued a statement to deny beating you up (this still cracks me up every time) and blogs in 2014 announced the crash of your marriage linked to a mother of 4 in Port Harcourt who was still in her husband’s house as at December 2014.

I deal with facts! Facts that are visible to the blind and audible to the deaf! Please @daddyfreeze, deny this and make my day! I dare you.

Let our adorable bloggers do the math and verify for themselves. I’m not even started. #RevealTruth

Freeze had earlier claimed in a written statement that he is not accountable to anyone. By so saying, he staked the reputation of his parents, one of whom teaches other people’s children to be accountable. He also staked the reputation of @coolfmlagos his employers, who provide him a platform every Sunday morning to dish out nonsense in the guise of preaching moral rectitude to the public, particularly our impressionable youths who consider Freeze a celebrity. I immediately call on @coolfmlagos to remove him from this platform as it makes CoolFM a laughing stock. It was a management mistake not to have sacked him as they wanted to back in 2016.

@DaddyFreeze also said how he lives his life is not the business of others. I insist it is, for as long as it impacts others. Other people have been negatively impacted by his chronic adultery. 7 children, the respective estranged spouses (who have been silent- I call on them to come out, I will back them up with evidences & witnesses, photos & videos, I am ready to follow them & support them in court ), the extended families and friends… And @daddyfreeze dares to say it’s not the public’s business?! It is our business. Freeze, if you do not repent, if you do not restrain yourself from attacking pastors & churches, if you do not stop presenting yourself as an evangelist or on radio as what you are not, I am ready to mobilise mass protests to where you work and live with placards. We are ready to stop our children from attending your mother’s classes to teach them rubbish if she could not teach you to be accountable. I assume that your parents and siblings know the details of what you did and are in agreement with you that adultery is not a ‘crime’. Stop quoting the Bible, because in the Bible, it is an abominable crime.⁠⁠⁠⁠ No @daddyfreeze, I’m not trying to drag you in the mud, I’m only trying to reveal how much of a hypocrite you are to your ‘fans’. #RevealTruth

@daddyfreeze, look at this copy of a 2014 email confirming the date your wife left your house. Did you send it or not? Take all your calculations from there on questions that have been raised about you and your bae, & about you and your son.

Check against the impression you sought to create when you first pasted his pictures. So it was you who pasted the picture that I only called up. Please go to Pastor Okoro: he would help you as he promised. You have been warned to stop attacking Pastors and seek forgiveness. #RevealTruth

“If the person behind this account is not a bastard, he should show his face, bloody cocksucking coward, asking me to be accountable.” ~FRZ

I’m sure you all know by now that I am not placing false allegations on @daddyfreeze. Oh and by the way, did you know that Benedicta was Freeze’s best friend’s wife?

The greatest gift that God has given mankind is the ability to think. For someone who uses an array of vulgar, toxic words and such video appearance, we don’t need a soothsayer to know that you’ll be extremely violent in person. We are not fools. Don’t come here and whip up sentiments. Can the online audience read in between the lines?

By restating that you started dating your best friend’s wife 4 months after your ex-wife deserted their matrimonial home, your estranged wife deserted her home on June 21 2014. I am 100% sure that Benedicta was still in her husband’s house as at October 2014 (I have proof to be revealed soon). So you have admitted to impregnating your friend’s wife in her matrimonial home. Very good!

Can you also explain how possible it was to give birth to Jason in May 2015 when you started dating your ‘bae’ in October 2014?

Biologically, pregnancy takes 9 months, do the math, it took you 7 months between the time of dating her (even if u impregnated her on the first day of dating her) and when she had your cute baby.

You dare say you were depressed? Except I don’t know the meaning of depression any longer, you are just a baby in a 40 year old body.

I have enough evidence to back up my claims. I dared you to deny them but you acted on impulse – without fully knowing the consequence of your actions. I’m very glad that Miss Opeyemi came out to speak for herself. Just because you are an OAP, you really think you can bully the poor woman by using social media against her? What nonsense! You think your relationship with Linda Ikeji was enough to suppress the real story? Deluded mind, thinking that the Nigerian blogsphere is only about Linda Ikeji.

You put up a show by calling your dad live and reporting the matter to him. I’ll be utterly ashamed as a parent if my son who is not fully divorced, goes around impregnating his best friend’s wife

@Daddyfreeze, you have identified your ex-wife as the source of your current dilemma, making her one of the numerous suspects on your list. Question of character? I leave you all to decide. I’m stating it here that I AM NOT WORKING FOR FREEZE’S WIFE, neither is she behind this account. I have never met her before in my life! I am a whistleblower out to unravel the truth and deliver Freeze from his bad ways… Watch out for more publications if you don’t change your ways.

Fix your life first before you talk about other people!

One more thing. To the #FreeTheSheple community and Freeze’s die-hard fans. It’s alright to be ignorant, but it’s unacceptable to be stupid!

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