French TV star dies of COVID-19 six days after twin brother


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French television star, Igor Bogdanoff has died of COVID-19 complications six days after his twin brother, Grichka, succumbed to the same ailment.

CNN quoted the brothers’ lawyer, Maitre Eduoard de Lamaze, as confirming the incident on Tuesday.

“They are dead from Covid. They were both at the same hospital, Grichka died six days earlier than Igor,” the lawyer disclosed, adding that he got the information from the twins’ relatives.

According to him, the twins contracted COVID-19 in November and were admitted at the Georges Pompidou hospital since December 15.

He said Grichka died last Tuesday while Igor died on Monday (yesterday).

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The lawyer said it was sad that two men who loved each other so much and were happy, kind, and original died like that.

The Bogdanoffs gained worldwide prominence after an appearance in a crypto ad that went viral globally.

In France, they were household names due in part to their unusual facial features.

They began their careers appearing in science TV shows, including “Temps X” (Time X in English) and “Rayons X” (X Rays).

Both obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Burgundy, with Igor’s in theoretical physics.


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