Why I Am Friends With Al-Mustapha – Fasehun Reveals All

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The founder of the Oodua People’s Congress, Frederick Fasehun, on Wednesday gave more insight into his friendship with Mr. Al-Mustapha.

It will be recalled that on his release from prison in July 2013, Mr. Al-Mustapha was flown into Kano aboard a chartered flight in company of Mr. Fasehun and rode through the streets of the ancient city waving to a waiting crowd who lined the streets to welcome their hero.

The OPC chieftain was heavily criticized for his actions, as many Nigerians believed he should not be associating with a man whose role in the dark days of the Abacha regime was still viewed with disdain.

On Wednesday, Mr. Fasehun revealed that he chose to stand by Mr. Al-Mustapha after listening to two prosecution witnesses in the court during the trial of the former CSO.

According to him, after listening to the witnesses, who with tears testified that they were forced to lie against Mr. Al-Mustapha that he killed Kudirat Abiola, he had no choice but to change his mind.

“It was sad that the high court judge who stated that the prosecution witnesses were not reliable, went ahead to sentence him to death,” Mr. Fasehun said.

“After what I heard from the prosecution witnesses in an open court that they lied against Mustapha, it will be wrong for anyone to hold it against him that he killed Kudirat Abiola.”

He noted that his position had nothing to do with any pecuniary reason, saying he believed in justice and fairness and would continue to uphold these principles despite the odds against him.

Mr. Fasehun, earlier in his remarks, noted that Nigeria was still groping in the dark in search of democracy even though her leaders were elected.

“After watching the U.S elections, I felt sorry for democracy in the land,” he said. “We are still hoping for democracy. Democracy is not here yet.”

He said leaders had no respect for the rule of law, ruling with impunity and trampling on the rights of the citizens.

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