Friends Murder Professor Because They Thought They Were Beneficiaries In His Will


Two persons, Danielle Geier, 32, and George Ishler, 39, have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Professor, Ronald Bettig.


The two arrested persons were reported to have pushed the Professor who is their friend 80 feet off a cliff into a quarry because they thought they were mentioned in his will.

The two friends of the deceased have been charged with murder following the discovery of the professor’s body by the Police in a quarry in Centre County, Pennsylvania, US, on Wednesday.

The murdered 56-year-old media studies teacher who was famously referred to as “the nutty professor” taught at the Pennsylvania State University.

According to Police investigations, Geier and Ishler were known drug abusers who had originally planned to drown the deceased when they went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware but thought otherwise and thereafter decided to kill him at the Centre County quarry.

Geier while on the ocean trip with the deceased sent a text which reads: “So ready I am pissed off.”

The pair, following the cancellation of the previous murder plan convinced Bettig to travel to the quarry with them on grounds that they could harvest marijuana there.

Geier in his confession to the police said they staged the murder to look like Bettig was at the site alone as they put his bottles, flashlight, hand rake and a bag near the quarry.

The pair following the murder reported their friend missing three days later as he was last seen on August 12 whereas they reported him missing on August 15.

Dean Marie Hardin, of the College of Communications at Pennsylvania State University, said: “We are deeply saddened by the loss.

“He was a part of the fabric of this College for many years.

“All except our very newest faculty and staff members very likely knew Ron, who was one of our longest-tenured faculty members.

“Ron was the kind of teacher who connected powerfully with students, who found his classes in political economy – at both the undergraduate and graduate levels – transformative.”

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