From FORENSIC FASH to Desmond Idiot: Hilarious moments in October


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We can all agree that October has been an event-filled month in Nigeria especially with the emergence of #EndSARS protests across the nation.

However, we have compiled the top  October moments on Nigerian social media for your reading pleasure.

  1. Adamu Garba Vs Twitter CEO

Nigerians were rendered speechless after former Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba filed a lawsuit against Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey for supporting #EndSARS protests.

Another Lawyer, Tope Akinyode counter-sued Garba for taking a legal action against Jack Dorsey.

This sparked funny reactions from Nigerians who had a field day dragging the northerner on social media


They just sued Adamu Garba for suing Jack.

Na only Solomon go fit solve this case 🤣🤣


Sue the suer because the 1st suee is senseless.


@adamugarba Versus The People! A friend once told me in the US that there is a guy who always sued God for his misfortunes and judges could never have God served court summons, so when he died all the court summons were buried with him so that he could serve God! #RevolutionNow


A lawyer sued Adamu Garba for sueing Jack.

😂😂😂 cruuuuuuiiissseee.


I had the story of a man who challenged God to a man-making contest. On the day of the contest, he bend down to scoop a handful of soil and God told him ‘not so soon, go make your own soil yourself’.

@adamugarba is just an example of that man.

  • Desmond Elliot versus the people

In a viral video, Actor-cum-politician, Desmond Olusola Elliot incurred the wrath of Nigerian youths after he called them “children” who lack respect for political leaders.

According to him, social media has created an avenue for children to throw curses at their leaders.

Addressing Speaker, Lagos state House of Assembly, Elliot called for the regulation of social media in Nigeria.

Nigerians were appalled that despite the extra-judicial killings of innocent citizens, protests against police brutality, Desmond Elliot’s major concern was the lack of respect, politicians no longer enjoy from the masses.

Looking disheveled and teary-eyed, the lawmaker later apologized for his insensitive remarks in another video but Nigerian did not stop trolling him on social media.


Desmond Elliot is an actor. He thinks we have forgotten he can summon tears on demand.


If gentle-looking Desmond Elliot can carry us handicap and do us like this, imagine if Chiwetalu Agu joins govt 😂


Desmond Elliot
Meaning : FooL
sentence : A Desmond Elliot at 40 is a Desmond Elliot forever.


You have no idea how bad the Desmond Elliot speech was. Not just bad, how shameful

It was so bad that he stopped as low as even shaming pregnant women for hustling for free food.

Like if you have any sense as a lawmaker, that event should tell you how useless the govt has been.


People appear bright until you hear them speak. Desmond Elliot is an example 🤦‍♀️


This is an ultramodern bridge Desmond Elliot constructed in 2020.

Look at the bridge:
•No safety measures
•Children can easily fall into the canal
•Made of wood that will spoil easily.

This is a “lawmaker”.
Made a bridge with a signpost that will last longer than the bridge.


@DesmondElliot_ I like how you’re looking at the rubbish thing you call reconstruction


May Desmond Elliot life be as safe, protected and perfect as this bridge he reconstructed


Omo! Desmond Elliot is crying on AriseTV live interview! 😂🤣🤣🤣


Desmondelliot achievement for Surulere people then u go wonder why! For this 2020 o! Jesus wept.


Desmond Elliot and Judas Iscariot



Adamu Garba: I’m the greatest fool ever!! 💪🏽

Desmond Elliot:



Adamu Garba has been attacking Jack on his own twitter app, just a click Jack can deactivate his account but Jack won’t do it because of “FREEDOM”

Nigerians are calling for a better naija on social Media and Desmond Elliot wants it checked


  • Forensic Fash

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola found a mystery camera a the crime scene of the Lekki toll gate where military officers opened live rounds on unarmed protesters.

Fashola found the camera one week after hoodlums burgled the toll gate and Lagos state waste Management Authority cleaned the area.

Fashola who did not want to tamper with the evidence used his handkerchief to pick up the camera.

Nigerians who could not hide their shock at the major discovery coined a nickname for the Minister; “Forensic Fash”.


Just passed by the Tollgate, was hoping to find a random camera. I forgot that they only reveal themselves to Forensic Fash.


Fashola, my only favourite APC person has been turned into a laughing stock. How in God’s green earth do you find a camcorder after several cleanups. Please don’t insult the intelligence of Nigerians


Forensic Fash deserves the Oscars award for discovering the camcorder chilling at offside position at the lekki tollgate. Lmfao


How Fashola will be going through his hard earned “evidence”😆


The suffer that Fashola has suffered in all of your hands since yesterday. May I not be dragged like this in my lifetime. Amen.


Is like your wife is cheating on you? Rush now and consult Fashola hidden camera finders limited company …They have the eagle eye to discover what is hidden from the ordinary eye.The company was recently hired by Sanwolu and Bubu for lekki toll gate massacre.


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