Fulani Herdsman Attacks Another Pastor Days After Slain Pastor Was Buried

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Another Pastor has been attacked by a herdsman days after a slain pastor, Zakariya Joseph Kurah (ECWA, Obi) was buried.

The pastor who was working on his farm was attacked and a part of his hand was cut off as a result.

The 66-year-old pastor, identified as Rev. Hamza Alkali was later amputated as the rest of the hand became useless.

Narrating his ordeal, the pastor told Morning Star News that he manaed to wrestle the knife in his assailant’s hand off or he would have been killed on his farm.

Speaking further on the attack which happened in Sabon Gida village, near Keffi, on July 7, the pastor said: “If God was not with me, the Fulani man could have succeeded in taking my life“.

He continued: “God was with me, because I told the Fulani man that God who created me in His image will not give him power to kill me.”

The Pastor whose church is affiliated with the Nigerian Baptist Convention noted that when he first saw the herdsman coming onto his from, he thought he was just passing by until he moved closer to him and demanded his phone.

“Shocked at the Fulani man’s audacity, I wanted to know from him whether he was asking for my mobile phone because he lost his somewhere, or he was ordering me to hand over my mobile phone to him. The Fulani man insisted that I should give him my mobile phone. I then responded by telling him that I left my mobile phone at home.”

The pastor explained that he was baffled when the herdsman said he would search him, “He bluntly told me that if I don’t hand over my mobile phone to him he would kill me. Then I now told him, ‘You have no right or power to kill me. The God that created me and sent me to this place will not allow you to kill me.’ I repeated these words twice to him.

“Suddenly, the Fulani man pulled out his sword and attacked me. When I saw the sword he was dangling coming towards my face, I tried to protect my face raising my hands up, and within seconds the sword cut off my left hand into two. I saw part of my cut-off hand on the ground bouncing up and down. I then realized that if in the first attempt to kill me the Fulani man cut off my hand, unless I do something to protect myself, this Fulani man would no doubt in his second attempt to kill me cut off my head.

“I was there and the blood from my cut-off hand was rushing out,” Pastor Alkali said. “I started shouting and calling on some brethren working on farms close to mine to help rescue me. They came and pursued the Fulani man. But then they could not get him, and so they returned to find ways of taking me to the hospital.”

Following the attcak, the pastor was first taken to the police station at Sabon Gida before he was accompanied to the Federal Medical Centre in Keffi.

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