Gang Members Kidnap, Rape And Torture Rival Gang Members

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A terrible new revenge method which is suspected to have emanated from prison seems to have been drafted into the gang culture.

The new revenge method involves abduction and raping of male members of rival gangs.

This was made evident following the testimony of local gang members believed to have tortured two University of Rochester football players whom they believed were responsible for an attack on a drug dealer.

According to police reports, the local gang members led by Lydell Strickland admitted to luring the football players into a home where they were tortured and raped.

Reports held that the students were on December 5, 2015, picked up by two women who drove them to a house where the gang led by Strickland were waiting in masks and dark clothing.

The gang succeeded in shooting one of the students in the leg with a .22-caliber rifle while trying to escape

The shot was reported to have shattered the victim’s femur and then proceeded to bind both students and torture them for hours.

One of the students testified that he and his friend were beaten with pipes and bats adding that they were threatened with guns, and cut with a chainsaw.

The victim also accused his attackers of stealing thousands of dollars from his account after he was forced to divulge his account information.

“The torture consists of something you would see in a movie, but it’s not a movie because this is real life,” he said.

The Democrat and Chronicle reported the defendant to have added: “They were drinking and having a good time while there were people dying in the other room,” he testified. “At this point, my body was broken down and I didn’t know how much longer I could go on.”

The students were later rescued after almost 40 hours of torture by the police SWAT team who responded to the missing report filed by the friends of the victims.

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