George Floyd: Rogue Protesters Loot Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Apple Stores (Videos)


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“Opportunists are using a tragic situation for personal gain,” said an anonymous poster of a video showing rogue protesters looting Louis Vuitton and Apple stores in Portland, Oregon.

As protests intensify across the United States over Monday’s killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, many business owners are getting robbed of years and decades of their sweat.

Supposed protesters are taking advantage of the chaos to loot businesses and damage private property at an unprecedented rate.

A cell phone video posted on World Star HipHop shows scores of protesters vandalizing Apple and Louis Vuitton stores in Portland and carting away expensive phones and designer clothing.

Many of the looters are hooded or on face masks, perhaps to prevent law enforcement from easily identifying them.

They can be seen outside the stores, whose glass doors have been broken, waiting their turn to pick up items before dashing off into the street.

Watch video: 

In yet another video posted to the site, an African-American lady can be seen displaying a Gucci purse looted from a store in an undisclosed location.

The 9-second video shows the lady laughing with pleasure as she flaunts the purse.

Watch video:

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