“George Washington’s Descendant” Sues Trump, Obama Over White House Rent

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William Feegba, a man claiming to be a descendant of first American President George Washington, has sued President Donald Trump, for owing $240,000 in rent on the White House.

Feegba claims he owns 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where the White House is located, by virtue of being a “descendant of George Washington”.

William Feegba
William Feegba

In a Landlord/Tenant Complaint filed in a Washington Court on Tuesday, May 8, Feegba claimed that Trump has not paid him any rent on the White House property since assuming office in January 2017.

Feegba, who is representing himself in the suit, said rent on the White House is $25,000 monthly.

He filed a similar suit against Barack Obama same day, claiming that the immediate-past president owed him $2.4 million for occupying the White House without paying rent between January 2010 until January 2018.





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