#GeorgeFloyd: Global Reactions trail constant Police Harassment of African Americans


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Following the death of Minneapolis Black man, George Floyd by an officer of the Minnesota police who kneeled on his neck for over 5 minutes, online users have taken to social media to vent their frustration over the constant brutal harassment on African Americans


This is murder by man in police uniform, I can’t call this heartless bastards policemen. Am in South Africa but my blood is boiling am literally shaking with rage from this


When will it stop?! Honestly this is murder in plain daylight.

The brutalisation of African Americans hurts all Africans.


The US claims to be the leader of the Free world, yet it has never renegotiated the original sin. Slavery. African Americans built America hecatre by hectare, until America accumulated enough wealth to get into industrial economy.


African Americans have been victims of injustice, police brutality and police murder for 400 years. The abolishment of slavery in 1865, and the civil rights movement ‘victory’ in the late 1960s, didn’t end the systematic oppression. The carnage continues unabated. #GeorgeFloyd

African Americans don’t need the videos. We have the lived experience of being Black in this country. The videos are not for us. They’re for everyone else. Instead, What we are witnessing is the collective triggering of an entire people who have their own stories and traumas.


I am so sad and sorry that African American citizens have to live with this reality. I am praying for everyone living with this hurt. It’s sickening and wrong.

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