German court to try man for baby food poisoning, extortion


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A 54-year-old man will go on trial in Germany after allegedly putting poisoned baby food on the shelves of a supermarket and threatening to put more poisoned items into circulation, a court said on Monday.

Prosecutors said the defendant placed five jars of baby food that had been contaminated with ethylene glycol in a supermarket in the southern German city of Friedrichshafen.

The prosecutors said that the defendant demanded for a sum of 11.75 million euros (13.6 million dollars) from the supermarket, or that he would place 20 other poisoned items on its shelves if they refused.

The man is charged with five counts of attempted murder, seven counts of extortion under threat of force, and poisoning that constitutes a danger to the public.

He would go on trial on Oct. 1, the court said on Monday.

The police said no one was injured in the incident and German authorities were able to arrest the man in late September close to the town of Tuebingen. (dpa/NAN)

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