Go To Zlatan’s House, Beg Him To Sign A New Contract – Mourinho To Man Utd Fans

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Manchester United FC’s coach, Jose Mourinho who recently won the English Football League Cup on Sunday night seems to be agitated about the status of one of his key men, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The worry comes after the former Ajax, Juventus, Barca and PSG star decided not to renew his contract with the club.

The 36-year-old player who has exerted much effort in the team since joining it earlier in the season has failed to sign a contract extension which has been a troubling development for the Manchester United coach.

To secure Zlatan’s signature on the paper for a new deal, Jose Mourinho has urged all Manchester United fans to do the needful by occupying the player’s home for a contract extension.

Mourinho said: “I never bank for a player to sign a contract.

“But, if needed, I think maybe United fans can go to the door of his house and stay there all night. If needed, I think they will go for sure.

“We all want and all believe that he is going to stay with us one more season.

“Only a silly player comes to England when he is 35-years-old and with the successful career that Zlatan has. Only a silly player comes here if he doesn’t feel that he can do it.

“When he decides to take the challenge to come to a country like this and to a club like Manchester United, he takes that decision because he feels ready.

“The most important feeling is his feeling. I don’t bring him here if he doesn’t want to come, if he’s not ready. It’s his character mine. Everything is from him, nothing from me.’

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