Google Marks 22nd Birthday With A Unique Doodle


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Tech Giant Google marks its 22nd birthday today! Although the company officially launched on September 8, 1998, it has been celebrating its birthday on September 27.


To celebrate the occasion, there’s a special Google Doodle for the search engine’s 22nd birthday.


The company’s Doodle for Google’s 22nd birthday features the logo ‘G’ sitting at a desk while doing a video call on a laptop. The birthday celebration video call is with the rest of its letters – OOGLE.

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There’s also a piece of cake and presents in the Doodle. The representation of the Doodle is quite appropriate for the current situation where most people have celebrated and still are through video calls.

If you tap on the Doodle from the Tech giant’s homepage, it will open to a Search results page for well, Google. You can also share the Google Doodle on Facebook, Twitter and via email.


There’s also a copy button for the link so it’s easier to share it anywhere. As with every Doodle, this one too has a page with a short description about the celebration.


The Tech company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 when they were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University. As for the word “Google”, it comes from the mathematical term “googol”.


“While walking in the woods of New Jersey, American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his young nephew Milton Sirotta to help him choose a name for a mind-boggling number: a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Milton’s reply? A googol! The term gained widespread visibility twenty years later with its inclusion in a 1940 book Kasner co-authored called “Mathematics and the Imagination,” Google explained in its Doodle page.


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