Russia-Ukraine War: Google Adsense Issues Warning to Websites, Blogs Promoting War

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Google Adsense has Issued a strong warning to websites/blogs promoting Russia’s war in Ukraine.

According to reports, the media giant will pause monetisation of content whose aim is to exploit, dismiss, or condone the Russian War in Ukraine

Adsense issued this statement on Tuesday, April 5, after Ukrainian forces found mass graves and dead bodies in the streets of Bucha, a suburb northwest of Kyiv, on Saturday while recapturing territory.

The statement reads as follows:
“Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause monetisation of content that exploits, dismisses or condones the war.”

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The WEB giant aims at implement sanctions against some of its Adsense partners, in the form of threats aimed at discouraging anyone who would be promoting Vladimir Putin’s Russian war.

Google Adsense has already suspended its services for its partners in Russia and content coming from Russia.

Google restrictions
Google’s restrictions

Some think that it is an attack on, and violation of the freedom of the press and of opinion.

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