Google for Nigeria Event: Africa’s Fortunes will Shape the World- Osinbajo


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Vice President of the country, Professor Yemi Osinbajo was at a Google event named: Google for Nigeria.

The Vice President was speaking at the event and he revealed that Nigeria would be partnering with Google on various endeavors.

Osinbajo said: “We will be partnering with Google and other technology providers to achieve the level of connectivity that will match the creativity of our people.”

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The Vice President also added that he had a lot of faith in Africa and the fate of the continent would also be the fate of the world.

Osinbajo added: “This Century is Africa’s Century. Why? Because Africa will, for good or ill, play the defining role in global development.  Africa’s fortunes will matter across all the trends shaping the world. I say for good or for ill because either scenario is possible. If Africa fails on these important development issues, because of our sheer size, the global impact will be catastrophic and if it succeeds the global impact will be incredible.”

“Technology has put great power into our hands, as individuals, but more importantly as co-creators and collaborators, to positively and dramatically change the course of human existence. With it, we can solve many of the problems that confront us.”

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