Gordons Is A Debtor And A Thief, He Owes Me – Mallam Yankee Lashes Out


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The CEO, Yankee entertainment, Kehinde Adegbite, AKA, Mallam Yankee, has accused comedian, Gordons of being pompous and having a rude attitude despite owing him, DAILY POST reports.

Yankee revealed that Gordons collected money to be featured in one of his events, Nite of a Thoussand Laugh, but refused to turn up and had arrogantly held back the money without any form of remorse.

According to the entertainment guru:

“Gordons is indebted to me at the moment.

“Yes, he owes me and it is not the first time. He owes so many people as well.

“He will collect money and give you attitude problem, yet he does not have a means to pay back.

“When he finally wants to manage to pay, he pays in bits, like up to 4 or 5 times. If he had money, why would he not pay at once? Yet he will be bragging unnecessarily.

“He paid half of the money after several months and he was arrogant about it.

“This is fraud at the highest level,” Yankee lamented.

Speaking further, he said he had no personal issue with the comedian but for his arrogant way of life.

“If I want to do a comedy show, I know who I should call. Just a text message and that’s it. Payment is not even the first thing with them. They don’t give me problems.

“But Gordons? He has so much bad attitude. He does not know how to talk to people. Tell me where he can go with this attitude.

“Money, he does not have, his career is not growing and he cannot talk to people with respect. So how can you grow?

“People like Gordons, after collecting your money; will start giving you attitude and forming big boy. He will never appear for the event and he will always not want to refund the money until you make trouble.

“How will he grow? That’s why there is no endorsement deal for him till date since he started. Look at the up and coming ones securing deals here and there.

“Comedians generally are known to have good attitude but Gordons’ case is something else.

“Collecting money for event when you know you won’t come. When someone calls me afterwards, trying to reach out to you for an invitation, what do you expect me to tell them? I will rather just connect them with people who will not give issues, problems or attitudes, or I will tell them you are a thief openly and that they should not do anything with you.

“That’s why I say I am the wrongest person anyone would collect money from and not turn up for the event,” Yankee backlashed.

But reacting to Yankee’s claim, the comedian told DAILY POST that it was true he was invited for an event but didn’t show up.

He, however, stated that he had paid part of the money.
Gordons said:

“Nite of a Thousand Laughs invited me for an event. They booked 9:30am flight for me. I was at the airport for 8am only to discover the flight was rescheduled to fly earlier at 7:30am on the same day and nobody informed me.

“Getting another flight was difficult,” he added.

“Moreover, I have returned half of the money, remaining half.

“I have all my details,” the rib cracker averred.

Mallam Yankee has threatened to drag the Comedian to the police, disclosing that a petition will soon be submitted to the FCT Police Command on how to get his money back.


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