Governor Amaechi calls on Rivers people to question the sanity of State PDP Chairman

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Factional Chairman of  the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Rivers State Felix Obuah, has  described as unfortunate, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s rejection of the party’s peace overtures.

Obviously, Obuah was reacting to the  press statement  issued last week by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, David Iyofor, warning   him to respect the person and office of  Governor Amaechi.

The exchange of words is coming even as a group based in the state restated its demand for the arrest and prosecution of the Minister of state for education, Nyesom Wike.

The party chief  explained  that the invitation he  extended to  the governor and  Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike,  was in keeping with the belief that as a father, the party under his leadership  should reconcile  its  differences.

Obuah, who spoke through his Special Adviser  on Media,  Jerry Needam said: “For us, only Rivers people can settle their internal problems. I wonder why the governor hastily rebuffed the effort, as if he is not interested in making peace with his party and people.”

The factional chairman said by this development,  Rivers people should be able to read  between the lines to  ascertain  the   person that  is   actually behind the  political crisis.

“It’s only those, who have ulterior motives that will object to peace initiatives, being brokered by the leadership of the party in the state,” he further said.

The party explained that the peace moves were deemed necessary by the chairman, so that the governor and his political aides, would not  use it as an excuse for non-performance or as a means of wasting the  state resources.

The statement said though, Wike had not reacted to the invitation, the call for reconciliation between him and Governor Amaechi was in good faith.

“We’ll, however, not coerce any person or group into any peace agreement. It behooves on all persons involved, to choose their course and take the consequences of their actions. We must re-emphasize that our party is not a respecter of any person(s). It will be fair and just to all members in the state, but it will be firm and courageous as well. The party leadership therefore, enjoins all factions in the crisis to shield their swords and embrace the peace and reconciliation moves by the State Chairman,” he said.

The governor who had earlier spoken through his Chief Press Secretary David Iyofor in a statement on the so called peace meeting invitation described as most disrespectful, ridiculous and laughable the comments by  Obuah that he has summoned him,(Gov Amaechi) to reconciliation meeting with junior minister of education Nyesom Wike in his palace this weekend.

According to the release: “It’s most disrespectful and ridiculous for Felix Obuah to stand on a podium in the minister’s place and announced that he’s summoning Governor Amaechi to a reconciliation meeting. Even for them, this is a new low. At this point and with actions like that, it has become pertinent for Rivers people to start asking questions about the stability and mental wellness of that young man(Obuah). When a man continuously do things and make comments that can only come from an unstable mind, it’s important we start asking questions about his stability and mental wellness

“Part of the problem with characters like Obuah and his backers and sponsors is that they have suddenly decided to forget that Governor Amaechi was overwhelmingly chosen by Rivers people, elected and mandated by the people to lead them until May 29, 2015. And it is important that they show respect for the office and the man who occupies that office. It doesn’t matter whether they like the face of the Governor or not, once he has been mandated by the people to lead them, they must show some respect for him and the office he occupies, which he holds in trust for the people. But Obuah and his cohorts have been most disrespectful and have been derisively deriding the governor and the office of the Governor of Rivers State. Enough is enough! They have to be called to order.”

Meanwhile, the Rivers Peoples’ Forum (RPF) has restated its call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike over his comments in Port Harcourt last weekend, which they say is dangerous to democracy in the country and threatens the peace and security of Rivers and could lead to a breakdown of law and order in the State, if the minister is not checked.

Wike on Saturday last week, at a Grassroot Democratic Initiative(GDI) event in Port Harcourt  said that, “for those who think that they can destroy Obio-Akpor(Local Government Council), we will make life uncomfortable for them. We will make sure they will not sleep again. When they are sleeping, they will not sleep with their two eyes closed. One eye will be open because they know there is danger.” Wike was referring to the former Chairman and Councilors of Obio-Akpor Local Government Area who were suspended by the Rivers State House of Assembly for the House to carry out investigations of monumental fraud and corruption against them

RPF in a statement signed by its President, Charles Bekwele described the comments of Wike as a direct threat to the good people of Rivers State,  that can lead to a breach of peace and security, while calling on security agencies to take steps to curtail the excesses of Wike.

His words: “First, Obio-Akpor Council was not destroyed. Its former Council Chairman Timothy Nsirim and Councilors were only suspended by the Rivers State House of Assembly to enable the House investigate allegations of monumental fraud and corruption against them. And the State Assembly had repeatedly said they would be reinstated if they are not found guilty at the end of the investigations. And we must also bear in mind that it is constitutionally the function of the State legislators to oversee, supervise and check the excesses of local councils.

“These legislators were elected by Rivers people to represent them in the Assembly. This also means that whatever action they take in the House(including the suspension) was taken by Rivers people since we voted for them and gave them our mandate to represent us in the Assembly. This then translates to the fact that the junior minister’s threat is a direct threat to the good people of Rivers State.

“Nyesom Wike must be arrested and prosecuted now for threatening the lives of Rivers people, for threatening the peace and security of Rivers State. As a matter of fact, his comments are dangerous to our democracy, Wike is a danger to our democracy. Comments like that can easily lead to a breach of peace in the state. The Inspector General of Police, the Director-General, State Security Service(SSS) must act now to arrest and prosecute Wike for threatening the peace and security of the State. His excesses must be curtail, Rivers people have had enough of Wike’s shenanigans.

“Since that young man (Wike) was appointed Minister, he has carried on like a demi-god, acting like he’s above the law abusing, attacking and denigrating the people and Governor of the State, the same Governor that nominated him to be appointed minister. If Wike chooses to fight his benefactor, Governor Amaechi, that is entirely is headache. However, we will not allow him to destroy our democracy, to destroy the peace in the State because of his petty political fight. He’s not above the law, he’s just a minister, a deputy or assistant minister at that.

“Wike must be told in clear terms that he cannot threaten the peace and security of Rivers State because he has political ambition. Wike is very free to pursue whatever ambition he has, but we won’t allow him destroy our peace and security because he(Wike) wants to be Governor? How can a minister in this country even talk like that? A minister in the ministry of education, at a time when all the universities in this country are shut down due to a lingering strike action by lecturers, this minister is busy roving and roaming all over Rivers State politicking and threatening the peace and security of Rivers State. So, when would Wike have time to find a resolution to the ASUU strike? This is indeed sad for Nigeria. That’s why this minister must be taught a lesson to serve as a deterrent to other power-hungry monsters in the country”



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