Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Violent Riot


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Protests have turned violent for the second time in Charlotte after police fatal shooting of a black man occurred on Tuesday. Unrest continued on Wednesday with police using tear gas to disperse hundreds of people who were gathered in the streets.

Gov. McCrory declared a state of emergency for the city and deployed the National Guard and the Highway Patrol to support the local police.

One person was shot and taken to the hospital for life threatening injuries according to a medical staff.

Although one person was said to have died, the city retracted its statement saying he was on life-support.

Earlier authorities were reported to be viewing videos from body and dashboard cameras from the deadly confrontation. The footage has not been released publicly.

Keith Lamott,43, was shot fatally. The officer who shot him Brentley Vinson is also black. Sixteen police officers also suffered minor injuries during the shoot-out.

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