Graphic Video: Soldier yanks off man’s leg, brandishes it in his face thereafter


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A graphic video involving a soldier and another man has surfaced online. In the clip, the uniformed man could be seen trying to separate his prisoner’s knee joint from his thighs. He persistently matched on the man’s leg and ensured that he broke it off from other parts of his body.

The prisoner, whose two hands had been bound, appeared to be in severe pains as he cried in agony.

While the reason for the soldier’s actions is not yet known, the soldier seemed happy to have carried out such an act and when he was done breaking off his leg, he went ahead to brandish the blood laden leg before the man’s face.

The Facebook user who shared the video, George Onmonya Daniel, claimed that the soldier in the video is a member of the Nigerian Army.

Graphic Video: Soldier yanks off man’s leg, brandishes it in his face thereafter

Daniel expressed his shock at what the soldier did, stating that he deserved to be prosecuted.

He wrote: “The Nigerian Army should look for this officer and those responsible for this inhumanity and bring them to book. This is unacceptable. This confirms some of the gross human right abuses and extrajudicial killings Amnesty International has been talking about and the army keeps denying.
I didn’t want to share the video, but without this video, there is no amount of description that would make the world understand this.
God! This is unacceptable!”

Visit the link below to watch the video.

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