GROHE rolls out ‘Turn Water into Food’ program in Jordan


GROHE, the world’s leading German manufacturer in sanitary fittings, in collaboration with the Jordanian Food Bank (JFB) and the Food Banking Regional Network will implement ‘Turn Water into Food’ in Jordan. This initiative aims to raise awareness of water scarcity by saving water in public areas with high consumption levels. Jordan will be the third country in the Middle East to host the award-winning project following its successful launch in Saudi Arabia in 2015 and in Egypt in 2016.

Striving to highlight the vital importance of preserving water at schools, which are among the highest public spaces in terms of water consumption, GROHE replaced the taps at Al Juwaida High School for Girls in Jordan with its water-saving faucets. The amount of water saved will be converted into food parcels distributed by JFB to underprivileged families in Amman neighbourhood of Juwaida.

Underlining sustainability as a corporate value at GROHE, Lina Varytimidou Director of PR and Communications, Middle East, Africa and East Mediterranean commented: “As the world’s leading supplier of water fittings, we are committed to optimizing sustainability and addressing water issues responsibly in each market on an ongoing basis. We are using state-of-the-art technologies to introduce water-saving products with no compromise on user experience. Through partnerships with local NGOs, we can help reduce average water consumption and promote natural resources sustainability. Initiatives like ‘Turn Water into Food’ resonate naturally with GROHE’s global mission”.

Jordan is an important market for GROHE. This is clearly translated in launching several initiatives in collaboration with big organizations and NGOs. ‘Turn Water into Food’ is a continuity of the ‘Green School’ and ‘Water for Life’ initiatives implemented at the Sharhabeel bin Hassneh EcoPark in partnership with Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) in 2013, which provided water to local Bedouin families.

JFB will be responsible for preparing and distributing food packages to registered underprivileged families. “We will distribute food parcels with a value equivalent to the amount of water saved to a needy families registered in Food Bank database,” said Engineer Kawthar Al Qatarneh, representative of the JFB. “Together with the private sector, we can reduce hunger, achieve food security and save our precious resource; water. We are glad to partner with GROHE on their ‘Turn Water into Food initiative, this certainly raises awareness on two crucial levels: water and hunger,” added Al Qatarneh.

Ms. Samira Lafi, principal of the Al Juwaida High School for Girls, commented on this partnership: “The instalment of water-saving faucets in the school will considerably decrease the hefty financial burden the school undertakes in water bills. We are glad to have the platform to promote water-efficient practices to our students and instil the principles of water preservation as natural resources. Such programs aim at ensuring smarter consumption of water especially in public places”.

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