Halloween Look book: Must see outrageous Celebrity Costumes of 2019!


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Halloween is one time of the year that we get to play dress up, and get away with it. We dress up as our favorite characters and just have fun playing pretend.

Most people tend to fall into two categories on Halloween: The ones who go all out, and the ones who don a cat-ear headband for the hundredth time. Armed with the inspiration below from your favorite celebrities, you definitely won’t be the latter.

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Below is our Look book:

  1. Gabriel Union: The amazing mummy twinned with her beautiful daughter Kaavia. They dressed up as cheerleaders from the hit TV show Bring it on

    Gabriel Union
  2. Stormi Scott: The Kardashian baby never dissapoints when it comes to fashion, she decided to go as her mum during this years MET gala. Baby stormi sure wants to walk in Mummies shoes.

  3. Lisa Rinna: The American actress decided to go as Jennifer Lopez this year, and we can say the actress delivered 100%.
    Lisa Rinna

    4. Demi Lovato: Demi killed it in two outfits. In the first Halloween costume, she went as Marie Antoinette, while for the second Halloween costume, she went as Sexy Penny wise.


    5. Nina Dobrev: The Vampire Diaries actress sure did not come to play this Halloween, she decided to dress like the legendary Billie Elish.

    Nina Dobrev

    6. Cardi b: Halloween seems to be a fun time for Cardib as she dressed up as a nurse, she probably wanted to be a nurse in her next life.


    7. Hasley: Hasley decided to go as Marilyn Manson, the Halloween costume was worth our list of celebrity costumes.


    8. Justin Timberlake: The pop artist decided to take this years Halloween costume a little back by dressing as NSYNS. He went as his wife, while his wife went as his younger version.

    Justin Timberlake

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