Hanks Anuku: “I Quit Smoking Long Ago, Don’t Do Hard Drugs”

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Veteran Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has clarified that he no longer smokes and has never used hard drugs.

Anuku made this revelation while addressing a viral video that falsely depicted him as mentally unstable. The video, which surfaced online in 2022, showed him in tattered clothes, seemingly talking to himself, leading to widespread speculation about his mental health.

In a conversation with content creator Lucky Udu, Anuku debunked these rumors, emphasizing that he avoids activities that could harm his mental well-being. “I am not a mad man… Some people say I was on hard drugs. I don’t do hard drugs. Back in the days I used to smoke but not anymore,” he stated.

He further explained that he has always maintained self-control and has never engaged in hard drug use. “I never went into anything hard drugs. I have self-control. There’s probably where I was depressed and had to have a little drink like beer or wine. That’s it. I don’t drink hard liquor. But I was just isolated because I never thought I would be betrayed by my own people. It hurt me so much,” Anuku shared.

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