Happy Brownies: “How I almost ate my destiny away”


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Funny how as children we always wanted to break free from the clutches of our parents, always craved that breath of fresh air.

Now that we are ‘adulting’, thoughts like that make some of us cringe a little. Sometimes we just want to go back to the warm comfort of our parents home.

Experience they say is the best teacher. Most times people are very sceptic about random people they meet on social media, but I never fully understood why until I had a very funny experience.

I met this guy on Instagram, and we clicked from  the beginning, it made it easier knowing he hailed from my Alma matter. We always spoke on a daily basis and just vibed on a whole new level.

According to him, he frequently threw these amazing game nights, he always invited me, but me being so introverted and not a fan of meeting new people always declined.

But on this faithful day, I decided to honor his invitation, I mean it was a mere game night right?, what could go wrong?.

So like usual, I got dressed, looked cute and all, then headed for what I was expecting to be a fun night of games and meeting new people.

He originally told me to come a little earlier, so that we could hang out, since we hadn’t met physically before. So I went 30 minutes earlier than planned.

I ordered my Uber and headed for my destination, I got there and of course I was the first person there. The first thing that caught my attention was how quick he was to lock the gate once I entered, but at first I probably thought I was just being paranoid.

I headed in, and he directed me to a second sitting room located a little more deep within the building. He said they hardly used the first sitting room.

At first it was just the two of us, but then his friend joined us later. Apparently they were both living together.

He offered me ‘Happy brownies’, I had no idea what they were, I thought they were just normal brownies.

Like an hour into it, I started feeling light headed, then I knew something was wrong. He took me to his room to show me a picture of his secondary school portrait and started telling me how much he liked me.

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He started coming close to me, trying to touch me. It was then I started getting very uncomfortable.

The supposed game night that was supposed to start around 5pm, hadn’t started by 7pm, and no one else had showed up, just me with two guys I had never met before, and don’t forget I was high from the brownies.

While all this was going on, his friend kept using side eyes to look at me, which made me more suspicious.

I then realized that these two guys could have possibly lured me into their house to rape me, or worse, kill me, I didn’t have any proof to validate these guys identities, it was all facts they had told me with words.

Immediately, my Urhobo sense kicked in and I knew I had to get out of there, it’s four hours into when the supposed game night was supposed to start, and not a single person had shown up.

I tried to hide the fact that I was getting high, I always kept eye contact and I never stuttered neither did I stammer , I always kept the conversation flowing and tried not to talk off point or forget anything I had said. The only thing on my mind was the fact that I needed to get out of there…

Stay tuned for part two…


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