Harmattan: Fire Service Warns Osun Residents Against Carelessness


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The Director of Osun Fire Service, Mr Michael Ogundipe, on Friday warned the residents of the state against handling fire and other combustible materials carelessly.


Ogundipe spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Oshogbo on the backdrop of the recent fire outbreaks in the state.


According to him, the weather (harmattan) is a catalyst to fire incidents which is usually on the increase between December and March.


He warned the residents of the state to be conscious and be extra careful with how they handle naked fire and other combustible items during the period.


“Two to three years ago, we used to receive 35 fire calls in a month during the harmattan period.


“We have a lot of oxygen during the harmattan that aid combustion because all the materials around are usually dry.

“Any contact with dry materials, heat or aid of oxygen can easily cause fire outbreak,’’ he said.


The director advised the people to be conscious and monitor items used in their homes and environments.


“People should not plug excess gadgets in power sockets, because if there is a power surge, it can lead to a fire outbreak.

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“If there is no power, people should remove electronics from the sockets.


“Cutouts should be removed to disconnect the power supply to buildings and also turn off all the lights in houses when the occupants are going out,” he said


Ogundipe also advised the people to clear the bushes around their houses to guard against fire that might emanate from bush burning.


“Canteen owners should not dump hot ashes on refuse sites,’’ the director cautioned.


He also said that sawmill owners should be conscious and be very careful when burning sawdust by staying around such sites to ensure the wind does not blow them away.


He also warned cigarette smokers to be careful about where they drop the ashes from such cigarettes to guide against avoidable disaster.

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