Harriet Tubman Never Freed Slaves, She Sent Them to work for other White People – Kanye West (Video)

Tony Abu Momoh
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American Rapper and Business man, Kanye West has held his rally in his bid for the White House and some of his comments did not go down well with his fellow Americans.

Kanye attended his first Presidential rally at the Exquis event centre in North Charleston wearing a bullet proof vest with the words ‘SECURITY’ and talked about everything ranging from religion and politics to wealth and abortion rights.

Kanye West broke down in tears in front of the audience when he was talking about abortion. He revealed how his father wanted him aborted but his mother refused.

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Kanye stated further that he nearly made Kim Kardashian abort his first child, North West just like his father. He then broke down in tears saying he was grateful that Kim didn’t allow him kill his own child.

He however stated that as President, he won’t make abortion illegal. He would make it affordable to people to support the children they decide to keep.

Kanye West also said as President, he will makes moves to free inmates incarcerated for weed related offences. He said he is in support of gay rights because he isn’t homophobic.

On illegal immigration, he didn’t have any plan but said people working in the United States already should be given a clear path to citizenship.

He also said further that as President of the United States, he won’t make policies based on his religious beliefs.

During one of the wild moments of the rally after the crying episode, Kanye went ahead to discredit abolitionist Harriet Tubman, credited with running underground rescue missions to free slaves from the South.

According to Mr. West, Harriet Tubman didn’t really free the slaves, she only had them work for other White people.

Well, Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other White people.”

This got most African Americans emotional and outraged on social media with many calling the Billionaire Rapper insane and mentally challenged.

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