“He Cried For A Football Match, But Not For Our Wedding Day”- Frustrated Wife


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Lottie Ryan an angry wife has expressed her feelings about her husband who didn’t cry for their wedding day but did on the day of a football match.

Mirror reports that Lottie Ryan states that her husband Fabio was in ‘complete ecstasy’ watching the Champions League quarter-final between Real Madrid and Juventus.

“He went from being in a normally relative mood to complete ecstasy – screaming and shouting in Italian,” she said.

“He was running around the place, I had to ask him to calm down a little bit, the neighbours might be frightened because he was screaming so much.”

Lottie spoke about the issue on a Breakfast Republic show on Thursday morning.

“He was happier than he’s ever been and at one I had to say to him ‘sorry, are you crying?’

“He didn’t cry on our wedding day and I think I saw him cry last night. So off to bed I went and then things got very quiet and I knew something was wrong.

“I came in and he was having a full shouting match at the telly – speaking to the referee as if it was a personal conversation, so he was devastated. Very, very upset.”

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